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 This is my Catalina Dress.  I have made it for my little niece, Catalina.
Funny story here:  Now that I have made a few dresses in honored to my relatives, they are start asking about dresses on their names, and the sample piece! LOL.
Does it happen to you too? Do your relatives and friends ask for specific projects to do?  I’m curious :)



I have been obsessed about making a one shoulder dress and how it will come to life.I am very pleased with the result of the on shoulder  and the optional elastic strap on the side.
I am also  happy with the results of the skirt .  I have initially planned a circle skirt, but let’s be honest, you’ll start thinking that’s my only trick, right? 😉So, I went for the gathered skirt, a little longer than a knee length.
The result: the cutest of the cutest on little girl’s dresses.  I still giggle and hug it tight (Ok, NOW you really think that there’s something wrong with me, hahaha.
When I got the fabric early this week I was so excited that I couldn’t stop myself from posting a little teaser on my facebook page.  The fabrics were so darn cute!  I love how the sweet owlies fabric, from Michael Miller collection  in the bodice went so well with the Macaw color from the designer essential collection for the skirt.  

And to add some contrasting colors?  The yellow bias tape and shoulder button have given the final touch to it. 

For more details about the fabric visit Double Decker Fabric Website
Printing instructions
This printable PDF pattern is assembled with 0.005 inch border (0.01 cm) for the pages, so it must be overlapped in order to get the correct size.They are on letter size paper.To print this pattern, go the PDF document. Select FILE — PRINT. Here look for PAGE SIZING AND HANDLING and choose POSTER. This will make the pages to overlap by 0.005 inch. Press PRINT.Wait until all the pages are printed before taking them from the printer; it will make it easier to assemble.When finished printing, place the pages as the layout below. Then use tape to put them together. Now cut the pieces.This will be the printing layout of the pattern: 


Sometimes, there are problems with the printing process and the patterns come in the wrong size (a little bit smaller).To avoid this, check the 1 inch square at the top left of the first page. It will help you to see if the patterns are the correct size.The PDF pattern comes in sizes 1 to 8 years; it is color-coded and easy to cut.The colors for each size are:1 year: black
2 years: red
3 years: green
4 years: blue
5 years: orange
6 years: purple
7 years: yellow
8 years: pink
This pattern comes with a 5/8 inch seam allowance, unless indicated otherwise.
Materials:1. Printed pattern
2. Scissors
3. Marker
4. Pins
5. 1 small size button
6. ¼ yard of 1 inch elastic
7. Measuring tape or ruler
8. safety pin
9. Contrasting bias tape


I used sweet owlies from Les amis collection and designer essentials – macaw color. everything purchased at Double Decker Fabric

Yardage Calculation:

I would recommend using your patterns in order to calculate the amount of fabric you will need. I used 1/2 yard for the bodice and facing (size 1), then ½ yard for the skirt and strap.

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