How to sew a round hem

Hello everyone!I am glad to share this technique with you today.  As you have probably noticed, I really like circle skirts.  I have used them for the Arizona dress, the Amalia dress and more recently for the Paula dress.
I also love peplum tops.  A lot! :)All those hemline projects can be finished by adding a bias tape ( the Peplum top pattern) or by using a narrow edge serger stitch (the Maria Dress pattern).However, not everybody has a serger or like the idea of the bias tape.That is why I wanted to add this tutorial with a simple way to make a round hem.

Here we go :

1.  Place your sewing machine stitch length in the highest number.
2. Stitch along the hem.  This will make the fabric to gather.


3.  Fold the hemline by 1/2 inch.

4.  Press the hemline with an iron.  Release the gatherings and adjust them to the hemline.

5.  Make a zig-zag stitch at the edge of the hemline.  Press flat.

And this is how it will look like :)

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.  I found this technique pretty simple, but I know there are others out there.How do you make your round hemlines?Do you have a favorite technique?