Paula Dress: Free sewing pattern and tutorial

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This is the FREE Paula pattern dress and tutorial.  Please read the printing instructions carefully before starting with your project.The pattern button is at the end of this post and it will take you to my Craftsy shop (affiliate)  It is free to register and use-you might find even more awesome projects to make!

Ok, so as I have mentioned before with my patterns, I usually start with something not even similar to the final project.
For example:

– This dress was going to be a v-neck maxi dress :) (I am still thinking about making it though)
– This dress was going to be called Sweetheart dress.
– This dress was supposed to be posted by Monday!

Does this happen to you too?
How is your process from start to finish?

About the pattern

Printed patterns
Matching thread
Ballpoint needle
Printing Instructions:
 This printable PDF pattern is assembled WITHOUT OVERLAPPING THE PAGES.  That will make it easier to assemble and avoid further fitting issues.The pattern comes in letter size paper.

To print this pattern, go the PDF document. Select  FILE — PRINT.
This will be the layout of your pattern:

It will print 28 pages. Wait until all the pages are printed before taking them from the printer; it will make it easier to assemble.

When finish printing, place the pages as the layout below. Then use tape to put them together. Now cut the pieces.

Here is the picture of the printing layout:

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More pictures?  Sorry for the bad pictures.  I am pretty sure Tyra will send me home this week LOL.

Sometimes, there are problems with the printing process and the patterns come in the wrong size (a little bit smaller).To avoid this, check the 1 inch square inside of the front bodice pattern. It will help you to see if the patterns are the correct size.

The PDF pattern comes in sizes from 4 to 22 (US Size). If you have any doubts about the sizes, please refer to the body measurement chart above.
The colors for each size are:

4:  Black
6:  Red
8:  Green
10:  Blue
12:  Orange
14:  Purple
16:  Yellow
18:  Pink
20:  Light Green
22:  Brown

This pattern comes with a 5/8 inch seam allowance, unless indicated otherwise.


Mid weight knit cotton


For 60” wide fabric: 1 3/4 to 2 yards
For 45” wide fabrics: sizes 4 to 12 will use 1 3/4 to 2 yards; for sizes 14 to 22 the total yardage should be 2 1/2 yards.

And now enjoy your FREE pattern and tutorial :)


 The pattern button below will take you to my Craftsy store (free registration).  There you will be able to download the pattern and tutorial for free.

Even though there is absolutely no cost for you, I might get a little commission