This is the Rebecca Dress Pattern, a gorgeous and elegant knit dress
It features:
A sleeveless top
Cowl neckline
A circle skirt





About the pattern
This dress is intended to be made in stretch fabrics. If you are not sure about what fabric to use, please visit our website for recommendations.
Printed patterns
Stretch fabric
Clear elastic (enough to stabilize shoulders)
Matching thread
Stretch needles
Double needle (optional)
Printing Instructions:

This printable PDF pattern is assembled WITHOUT OVERLAPPING THE PAGES. That will make it easier to assemble and avoid further fitting issues.The pattern comes in letter size paper.To print this pattern, go the PDF document. Select FILE — PRINT.It will print 30 pages. Wait until all the pages are printed before taking them from the printer; it will make it easier to assemble.When finish printing, place the pages as the layout below. Then use tape to put them together. Now cut the pieces.This is the layout of the pattern:Sometimes, there are problems with the printing process and the patterns come in the wrong size (a little bit smaller).To avoid this, check the 1 inch square inside of the front bodice pattern. It will help you to see if the patterns are the correct size.The PDF pattern comes in sizes from 4 to 22 (US Size). If you have any doubts about the sizes, please refer to the body measurement’s chart above.The colors for each size are:Black:  4
Red: 6
Green: 8
Blue: 10
Orange: 12
Purple: 14
Yellow: 16
Pink: 18
Light Green: 20
Brown: 22This pattern comes with a 1/4 inch seam allowance, unless indicated otherwise.

Fabric: Mid weight knit jersey with spandex. I personally used something similar to this:




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