20 Gorgeous Free Sewing pattern for dresses -Part 2

20 gorgeous sewing patterns

20 gorgeous sewing patterns



This is the 20 Gorgeous Free Dress sewing pattern for women – PART 2

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20 Gorgeous Free Sewing pattern for dresses -Part 2

This is the list of the most gorgeous free sewing pattern for dresses. Tutorials included.

Take a look at all this simple and easy DIY style sewing patterns.  There are one for every woman!

This is a very cute and easy dress pattern to make.  Check on the full tutorial to learn more about it.

Look at those pretty shoulder straps!  Check how to make a beautiful, yet sophisticated dress with a nice pleated skirt pattern.


From our archives, the easy Rebeca dress pattern to make an elegant dress for all season


This one will be your favorite!  The Jeannette dress pattern is ideal to show your curves, in the most flattering way



Do you want to make an easy going, simple blouson dress?  Check this tutorial



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