20 Great Halloween ideas for decoration – Part 3

20 Great Halloween ideas for decoration – Part 3

This is the third part of your series:  20 Great Halloween ideas for decoration – Part 3

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6.  Halloween Button Pillow: I love the combination of colors on this pillow.

Plus, you can surely use the tutorial to make pillows with different themes.

11.  Witch Legs:  This is a fun and easy sewing project to decorate your home.  Your kids will probably love it!DSC_0011-1024x933

12.  Halloween Hanging Monsters:

I love this idea to make them with young kids.  It will develop their creativity by creating something unique to Halloween.


13.  Halloween Candy little Bags:

A little pumpkin Halloween bag will be a perfect gift for a Halloween party, a pre-school theme party or just of your kids.


14.  Monster Halloween Bags:

I can’t get enough of this cute and fun sewing projects.  I am sure you would like to make one too 🙂


15.  Easy Bat Templates:

Very cool idea to make on your spare time.  It will bring a very modern look to your Halloween decoration







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